Daniel Ferris Photography

"I couldn't be more impressed with both the end result and the process of having my branding designed, and website created by Morris & Co. From the outset, brand impact was key, as was the goal of reaching my target market, and accurately and concisely getting across the message and vision of my business. From a practical sense, the end product couldn't be more user friendly. Aesthetically, I could not be happier." - Daniel Ferris, Photographer

There is nothing better than working on a project where we can do the simple things which help a business reach towards its potential. Daniel Ferris is an emerging photographer with a gift for capturing the heart and soul of a moment. His work is stunning and is rightfully getting the attention of both media outlets and happy clients.  We were thrilled to help him develop his brand and website to reflect the quality of his work.

The main objectives of the project were to:

1) Develop a brand identity which reflects absolute quality yet does not interfere with the work
2) To build a simple site which showcases the work beautifully and is easy for Dan to manage
3) To build a site which works well on smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers

The simple brandmark is easy to re-purpose in different ways for different uses and compliments the charcoal tones Daniel uses in his images. It also places a sense of there being a seal of quality and class on his work. Not that it needs it!

The site was built quickly using Wordpress and customising the Touchfolio responsive theme. It was a very close fit to the designs we originally mocked up and Dan's previous experience using Wordpress meant he was off and running in no time. For a simple site like this Wordpress is perfect.

Sometimes a business nearly has it right but just needs some focus and design polish to help it get its message across. We eat that for breakfast. With coffee.