Triv Kids

"Morris & Co. has an amazing ability to take a project from concept through to completion with great enthusiasm and creativity, and also with an eye for detail and the practicalities necessary for a successful website." - Claire Kennedy, Triv Kids

The Triv Kids project started for us over a coffee and some quick, rough sketches with the company founder, Claire Kennedy. From the first conversation we were hooked on the concept of a fun site for children which wasn't based simply on virtual entertainment but also 'actual' learning. Is anyone else out there feeling dubious about encouraging kids to buy imaginary goods with real money? We are.

The key objectives of the project were too:

1) Design a lively, kid friendly brand
2) Develop a prototype site to gauge the interest of the product and act as a foundation for further development

Morris & Co. developed the brand identity and cartoon characters with the aim of bringing the product to life. The aesthetic is bright, simple and fun. The owls have been a huge hit.

The prototype site built using a customised Drupal Quiz module is working well. Its easy to add quizzes and questions and quiz results are all tied into Userpoints and Levels. We are currently working on some great improvements to make the site flow smoother and more exciting. These improvements will be released in late March.

We love Triv Kids!